2.230 AG - Agriculture Zone

To conserve agricultural land and allow activities that support the Agriculture Use. Subdivision of agricultural Lots is not permitted unless it occurs in accordance with applicable statutory plans and the regulations of this Zone.

Agricultural Uses
2.1. Agriculture  
Residential Uses
2.2. Home Based Business  i  
2.3. Residential, limited to:  
2.3.1. Backyard Housing
2.3.2. Secondary Suite
2.3.3. Single Detached Housing
2.3.4. Supportive Housing






Community Uses
2.4. Community Service, limited to those existing as of January 1, 2024  
2.5. Outdoor Recreation Service, limited to those existing as of January 1, 2024  
2.6. Special Event  
Sign Uses
2.7. Fascia Sign  
2.8. Freestanding Sign  
2.9. Portable Sign  


Agriculture Uses
3.1. Despite Subsection 4.1.2, maximum Height does not apply to buildings or structures that are part of an Agriculture Use.
Residential Uses
3.2. A Residential Use may only be in the form of a maximum of 1 Single Detached House, 1 Dwelling of Backyard Housing, and 1 Secondary Suite.
3.3. Backyard Housing must comply with Section 6.10.
3.3.1. The maximum Floor Area for Backyard Housing is 130.0 m2.
3.4. Home Based Businesses must comply with Section 6.60.
Sign Uses
3.5. Fascia Signs, Freestanding Signs and Portable Signs are limited to On-premises Advertising
3.6. Signs must comply with Section 6.90.
Community Uses
3.7. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.


4.1. Development must comply with Table 4.1:
Table 4.1. Site and Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value Symbol
Site Area
4.1.1. Minimum Site area 32.0 ha -
4.1.2. Maximum Height 12.0 m -
4.1.3. Minimum Setback 7.5 m A

Diagram for Subsection 4.1

Diagram for 2.230_Subsection 4.1
5.1. Despite Subsection 4.1.1, the Subdivision Authority may approve a maximum of 1 subdivision of a quarter section (64.7 ha) where one of the resulting Lots will have a Site area less than 32.0 ha in the following cases:  
5.1.1. where the only structures and buildings on the resulting Lot are an existing Dwelling and related Accessory buildings and structures. The maximum size of this resulting Lot is 2.0 ha;
5.1.2. where the Site is separated by natural features such as ravines or water bodies, or by artificial features such as Streets or railways, such that the resulting Lot is too small for economic agricultural development; or
5.1.3. where the resulting Lot is to be developed for Essential Utilities.