3.68 DC/IND - Direct Control/Industrial District Edmonton South Zone

To provide Council with a direct control over the use and design of Development in those areas identified within the Zone. At Council’s discretion, an Area Structure Plan or an Area Redevelopment Plan may be required as a prerequisite to Development in this Zone.

2.1. The Permitted and Discretionary Uses shall be those Uses specified in the Area Structure Plan or Area Redevelopment Plan or such other Uses including but not limited to Gambling Establishments that Council may, by resolution, make from time to time.


3.1. A Development may be evaluated by Council with respect to its compliance with:
3.1.1. the objectives and policies of an applicable Statutory Plan;
3.1.2. the General Regulations and Special Land Use Provisions of this bylaw; 
the regulations of abutting Zone; and
3.1.3. Development Control Resolutions duly passed by Council.
3.2. Signs shall be permitted in compliance with those regulations set out in Subsection 6 of Section 3.60 Edmonton South Sign Regulations.