3.75 CCNC - Clareview Campus Neighbourhood Commercial Zone

To allow for the development of neighbourhood scale commercial and supporting Uses with development controls designed to ensure that development is integrated into the existing and future residential development within the Clareview Campus neighbourhood.

Commercial Uses
3.1. Bars
3.1.1. The maximum capacity is 75 occupants for each individual establishment.
3.1.2. The maximum Public Space is 90.0 m2 for each individual establishment. 
3.1.3. Must only be developed as an Accessory Use to Food and Drink Services.
3.2. Cannabis Retail Stores must comply with Section 6.30.
3.3. Food and Drink Services
3.3.1. The maximum capacity is 250 occupants for each individual establishment.
3.3.2. The maximum Public Space is 300 m2 for each individual establishment. 
3.4. Uses with Drive-through Services must comply with Section 6.110.
Community Uses
3.5. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40.
3.6. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Agricultural Uses
3.7. Urban Agriculture
3.7.1. With the exception of outdoor display areas of products for sale, Urban Agriculture Uses must be located within or on a building.
3.7.2. The Development Planner may consider a variance to Subsection 3.7.1 based on the recommendations provided in an environmental site assessment in compliance with Section 7.140.
Sign Uses
3.8. Sign Uses must comply with Subsections 3 and 5 of Section 6.90.
Floor Area, Public Space and Capacity Exceptions
3.9. The Development Planner may consider a variance to the maximum Floor Area, Public Space or capacity of a Use if adequate mitigation measures are used to reduce negative impacts to on-Site or Abutting Uses, including:
3.9.1. measures specified in Subsection 2 of Section 5.120
3.9.2. modification of Site plans to locate Uses or activities in a location to minimize noise, lighting, odour or other similar Nuisances; or
3.9.3. other similar measures.


4.1. Development must comply with Table 4.1:
Table 4.1. Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
4.1.1. Maximum Height  10.0 m
Floor Area
4.1.2. Maximum Floor Area per individual establishment 500 m2
Floor Area Ratio
4.1.3. Maximum Floor Area Ratio 1.0
4.2. Setbacks must comply with Table 4.2:
Table 4.2. Setback Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
4.2.1. Minimum Setback on the south, east and west sides of the Site 3.0 m
Front Setback
4.2.2. Minimum Setback on the north side of the Site, adjacent to 144 Avenue NW 4.5 m
5.1. Development in this area must include the following:
5.1.1. Design techniques to minimize the perception of massing of the building when viewed from adjacent residential areas and areas zoned CCMD, including, but not limited to, the use of sloped roof, variations in building Setbacks and articulation of building Facades;
5.1.2. The roof line of buildings must consist of either: Sloped roofs of varying pitches, which may include dormers and be finished in any combination of metal, or with wood shakes, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, or roof materials having a similar texture and appearance; or Flat roofs where they are concealed by parapet walls that include articulation and use of design elements that are in harmony with the principal architectural theme;
5.1.3. The predominant exterior finishing materials must be any combination of glazing, concrete, brick, stucco, siding, stone or other masonry materials having a similar character, with wood or metal trim limited to use as an accent, having regard to the objective of ensuring that the development is of a high quality that is compatible with areas zoned CCMD
5.1.4. All exposed sides of buildings and roofs must be finished in an architecturally harmonious manner;
5.1.5. All rooftop mechanical equipment and exhaust fans shall be screened from view; and
5.1.6. The design of the project shall establish a complementary architectural theme with the principal design elements, finishing materials and colours being applied to each building, with minor variations, regardless of the staging sequence of the project.


Parking, Loading, Storage and Access
6.1. Vehicle parking, loading, storage, waste collection, outdoor service and display areas are not permitted within a Setback
6.2. Loading, storage and waste collection areas must be located to the rear or sides of a principal building and must be screened from view from adjacent Sites and Streets.