6.60 Home Based Businesses


1. Home Based Businesses may occupy a total maximum Floor Area of 60.0 m2 of Accessory buildings on the Site.
2. Any external appearance of a Home Based Business must be visually consistent with the principal Dwelling or Accessory building in which it operates, using techniques such as applying similar colours, materials, or architectural features.
3. The maximum number of non-resident employees or business partners working on-site at any one time is 2.
4. A maximum of 1 enclosed storage trailer occupying a maximum area of 5.5 m x 2.6 m is permitted to be stored outdoors for a Home Based Business
4.1 The trailer must not be stored in the Front Yard, except on a Driveway
5. Commercial Vehicles operated by a Home Based Business are only permitted to park on Site in compliance with Subsection 5 of Section 5.120.
6. Industrial vehicles, equipment, and materials, and commercial equipment and materials are not permitted to be stored outdoors on a Site that contains a Home Based Business.
7. Outdoor speakers and amplification systems are not permitted for a Home Based Business.
8. Outdoor business activity is not permitted for a Home Based Business, except for Home Based Child Care.
9. Dangerous Goods in type or quantity that are not typically used for residential purposes are not permitted to be used or stored as part of a Home Based Business.
10. A Home Based Business must not create a Nuisance
11. Signs for Home Based Businesses are limited to Fascia Signs and must comply with Section 6.90.
12. The Development Planner may impose conditions establishing the following on a Development Permit to mitigate potential Nuisances
12.1. any necessary mitigation measures described in Subsection 2 of Section 5.120;
12.2. the hours of operation of a Home Based Business; and 
12.3. the number of people that may visit a Home Based Business concurrently.