3.74 CCSD - Clareview Campus Single Detached Residential Zone

To allow for residential development in the form of Single Detached Housing with attached Garages with development controls designed to ensure that the proposed development is integrated into the existing and future residential development within the Clareview Campus neighbourhood.

Residential Uses
4.1. Home Based Businesses must comply with Section 6.60.
4.2. Residential
4.2.1. Single Detached Housing must include: a front attached Garage with a maximum width of 6.1 m; and a front Driveway.  
4.2.2. Front drive attached Garages below ground level must be approved by the City department responsible for transportation services.
4.2.3. Identical floor plans with similar front elevations must be separated by a minimum of 1 Lot unless finishing treatments are substantially different.
4.2.4. The Development Planner may require a gradual transition between different residential building forms by requiring the incorporation of: varied rooflines; architectural projections; and bi-level or split-level designs between bungalow and 2 Storey designs.
4.2.5. On Corner Sites, the Facade design and materials must wrap around the side of the building to provide a consistent profile facing both Streets.
Community Uses 
4.3. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40
4.4. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Sign Uses
4.5. Sign Uses must comply with Subsections 3 and 4 of Section 6.90.


5.1. The Site Width on pie shaped Lots must be measured 9.0 m into the Site from the front property line.
5.2. Development must comply with Table 5.2:
Table 5.2. Site and Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Site Area
5.2.1. Minimum Site area per Dwelling in the form of Single Detached Housing 312 m2
Site Width
5.2.2. Minimum Site Width 10.4 m
Site Coverage
5.2.3. Maximum total Site Coverage  45%
Site Depth
5.2.4. Minimum Site Depth 30.0 m
5.2.5. Maximum Height 10.0 m
Maximum Number of Dwellings
5.2.6. Maximum number of Dwellings 60
5.3. Setbacks must comply with Table 5.3:
Table 5.3. Setback Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Front Setback
5.3.1. Minimum Front Setback 5.5 m
Rear Setback
5.3.2. Minimum Rear Setback 7.5 m
Unless the following applies:
5.3.3. Minimum Rear Setback for a Corner Site 4.5 m
Side Setbacks
5.3.4. Minimum Interior Side Setback 1.2 m
5.3.5. Minimum Flanking Side Setback  20% of the Site Width, to a maximum of 4.5 m
6.1. Dwellings on Sites that Abut 36 Street NW and 139 Avenue NW must incorporate building articulation and Facade treatments to minimize the perceived impact of massing.
6.2. Site entrances from Streets:
6.2.1. must include an enhancement feature on either side of the entrance; and
6.2.2. the enhancement feature must be consistent in design, material and construction with the entrance treatments in areas zoned CCHD, CCMD and CCLD.


7.1. Despite Section 5.60, the Front Yard of each Dwelling must have:
7.1.1. 3 shrubs; and 1 deciduous tree with a minimum Caliper of 50.8 mm; or 1 coniferous tree with a minimum Height of 1.8 m.
Fencing, Privacy Screening
7.2. Sites that Abut the north boundary adjacent to 144 Avenue NW and Sites that Abut the east boundary adjacent to 36 Street NW must construct a uniform wood screen Fence with:
7.2.1. a Height of 1.8 m; and
7.2.2. an enhancement feature, such as concrete pillars or brick accents, located at least every 30.0 m.
7.3. Fencing on property lines adjacent to an open space corridor must be constructed of a 1.5 m Fence that is consistent with the fencing on property lines of open space corridors that are adjacent to areas zoned CCHD, CCMD and CCLD.