7.70 Application of Special Areas

A Special Area is a defined geographic region with special or unique attributes. Special Area Zones may be applied within a Special Area to regulate the use, design and intensity of development where the objectives of a Statutory Plan cannot be satisfactorily achieved through standard Zoning.

2.1. A Special Area may only be established in the following cases:
2.1.1. where an approved Statutory Plan, in effect at the time of passage of the Special Area, states that a Special Area may be established to achieve clearly stated objectives;
2.1.2. for the River Valley Special Area to apply to specified lands within the boundaries of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan; or
2.1.3. for Edmonton South Special Area to apply to lands annexed from Leduc County on January 1, 2019.
2.2. All Special Area Zones created for a Special Area must only be used within the boundaries of the Special Area.
2.3. This Section only applies to Special Areas and Special Area Zones and does not apply to standard Zones or Direct Control Zones located within the boundary of a Special Area.
2.4. Special Areas and Special Area Zones must not be used:
2.4.1. where the proposed regulations: are minor changes from the regulations of the closest equivalent standard Zone; are not related to unique local planning objectives; have sufficient City-wide application so that a Text Amendment to a standard Zone would be more appropriate; or are intended to provide Site-specific control over development so that the use of a Direct Control Zone would be more appropriate; or
2.4.2. to alter the following Parts or Sections of this Bylaw: Part 1; Section 5.40; Section 5.120; Part 7; Section 8.10, except that new Uses may be added and listed in Special Area Zones; and Section 8.20, except Edmonton South Special Area may contain its own General Definitions.


3.1. Special Areas and Special Area Zones must only be established through an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw.
3.2. In addition to the application requirements detailed in Subsection 1.1 of Section 7.50, a Special Area Text Amendment application must include:
3.2.1. a map of the Special Area boundary;
3.2.2. the purpose of the Special Area; 
3.2.3. a statement explaining why a standard Zone could not implement the special or unique development objectives of the specified geographic area;
3.2.4. a statement explaining how the proposed Special Area complies with the applicable Statutory Plan; and
3.2.5. Special Area Zones created for use within the Special Area.
3.3. Special Area Zones created for use within the Special Area must:
3.3.1. have a name that would not be confused with any standard Zone;
3.3.2. include a statement describing the purpose of the Zone;
3.3.3. include a list of Permitted or Discretionary Uses, or both;
3.3.4. contain regulations related to the listed Uses; and
3.3.5. contain any additional regulations that may be necessary.