3.111 RVRH - Riverview Row Housing Zone

To allow for the development of street oriented Row Housing that allows a greater building Height and the opportunity for development on individual shallow lots where vehicle access is from an Alley.

5.1. Development must comply with Table 5.1
Table 5.1 Site Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Row Housing Internal Dwelling
5.1.1. Minimum Site area 90.0 m2
5.1.2. Minimum Site Width 3.6 m
5.1.3. Minimum Site Depth 25.0 m
Row Housing End Dwelling
5.1.4. Minimum Site area 120 m2
5.1.5. Minimum Site Width 4.8 m
5.1.6. Minimum Site Depth 25.0 m
Row Housing Corner Dwelling
5.1.7. Minimum Site area 150 m2
5.1.8. Minimum Site Width 6.0 m
5.1.9. Minimum Site Depth 25.0 m
5.2. Development must comply with Table 5.2:
Table 5.2 Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
5.2.1. Maximum Height 13.0 m
Site Coverage
5.2.2. Maximum Site Coverage for a Row Housing internal Dwelling 57%
5.2.3. Maximum Site Coverage for a Row Housing end Dwelling 45%
5.2.4. Maximum Site Coverage for a Row Housing corner Dwelling 40%
Building Facade
5.2.5. Maximum length of a building Facade 48.0 m
5.2.6. Minimum Density 65 dwellings/ha
5.2.7. Maximum number of principal Dwelling units per Row Housing building 5
5.3. Setbacks must comply with Table 5.3:
Table 5.3 Setback Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Front Setback
5.3.1. Minimum Front Setback 4.5 m
Rear Setback
5.3.2. Minimum Rear Setback 5.5 m
Unless the following applies:
5.3.3. Minimum Rear Setback for a detached Garage where the vehicle door faces an Alley 1.2 m
Side Setback
5.3.4. Minimum Interior Side Setback 1.2 m
5.3.5. Minimum Flanking Side Setback  2.4 m
6.1. Each principal Dwelling unit within a Row Housing building must be individually defined through a combination of Architectural Elements that may include variations in rooflines, projection or recession of the Facade, porches or entrance features, building materials, or other similar treatments.
6.2. On Corner Sites, the Facades of a principal building Abutting the Front Lot Line and the Flanking Side Lot Line must use consistent building materials and Architectural Elements, and must include features such as windows, doors, or porches.
6.3. Row Housing must not repeat the same Architectural Elements more than six times on a block face.


Parking and Access
7.1. Vehicle access must be from an Alley.