3.67 UC3ES - Urban Commercial 3 Edmonton South Zone

To allow for Development of large scale, commercial shopping centres, entertainment and cultural Uses in comprehensively planned Developments. This Zone is intended to provide opportunities for a wide range of goods and services to be available in locations with high visibility and accessibility. Developments in this Zone will promote a pedestrian-friendly environment, and are subject to a high standard of architectural design and Landscaping.
2.1. Cannabis Accessory Store  
2.2. Commercial Retail Service  
2.3. Convenience Retail Service  
2.4. Cultural Facility  
2.5. Drive-In Food Services  
2.6. Financial Service  
2.7. Information Service  
2.8. Institutional Use  
2.9. Hotel
2.10. Motel
2.11. Personal and Health Care Service  
2.12. Restaurant  
2.13. Utility Services, Minor  


3.1. Accessory Building  
3.2. Amusement Entertainment Services  
3.3. Automotive Sales and Service  
3.4. Automotive Service and Repair Shop  
3.5. Cannabis Retail Store  
3.6. Casino/Gambling Establishment  
3.7. Child Care Facility  
3.8. Commercial Greenhouse  
3.9. Drinking Establishment  
3.10. Frame and Fabric Structure  
3.11. Gas Bar  
3.12. Liquor Sales  
3.13. Night Club  
3.14. Park  
3.15. Parking Facility  
3.16. Protective and Emergency Service  
3.17. Recreation, Indoor  
3.18. Religious Assembly  
3.19. Retail Store, Large Format  
3.20. Service Station, Minor  
3.21. Sign
3.22. Veterinary Clinic  
3.23. Recycling Depot, Indoor  
3.24. Warehouse Sales Services  


4.1. Building Height Shall comply with the following:
4.1.1. Principal Building – 14.0 m (46 ft)
4.1.2. Accessory Building – 7.0 m (23 ft)
4.1.3. Despite Subsection 4.1.1, and 4.1.2 the maximum height shall be subject to the Edmonton International Airport Zoning Regulations (CRC, c81), and shall be subject to the approval of Transportation Canada and NAV Canada within the Edmonton International Airport Vicinity Protection Area.
4.2. The combined Site coverage by Principal and Accessory Buildings Shall be less than or equal to 60% of the Site.
4.3. Buildings Shall be positioned close to the street edge wherever reasonably possible to reinforce an urban Streetscape.


5.1. Buildings Shall be designed to address the intersection of collector roads with other collector roads or with Arterial Roads and provide a pedestrian entrance into the Development at the corner or directly adjacent to it.
5.2. Street edges and public spaces (entry forecourts, courtyards) Shall incorporate consistent landscape edge treatments to enhance the image of Buildings and screen surface parking areas.
5.3. Building facades facing streets Shall incorporate substantial window area, entry elements (colonnades, canopies, awnings) and architecturally integrated Signs.
5.4. Buildings should be oriented such that they face the street as well as any interior courtyards or parking areas.
5.5. Building elevations Shall be developed with equal design quality on all sides.


Parking, Loading, Storage and Access
6.1. Surface parking areas Shall be defined by interior Parking Courts and grade separated walkway connections where possible to Building entrances.
6.2. No Outdoor Storage is permitted in this Zone.
6.3. All lands within this Zone Shall have a Landscaped Area. A Landscaping plan Shall be provided for all Developments in compliance with Subsection 5.4 of Section 3.60. 
6.4. Within this Zone, Landscaped Area shall be defined as the following:
6.4.1. All Front Yards and Side Yards adjacent to a road to a minimum depth of 6.0 m.
6.4.2. All minimum required Side Yards between the front and rear of a Principal Building where they are not used for vehicle circulation.
6.5. Landscaping Shall comply with the following:
6.5.1. Parking areas greater than 5000 m2 Shall provide Landscaped parking islands, which Shall: be provided at the beginning and end of every row; be a minimum area of 12.0 m2 with at least 1 side of the island being a minimum length of 2.0 m; and Shall provide a minimum of 1 tree or 2 Shrubs.
6.5.2. Xeriscaping Landscaping techniques are encouraged to reduce watering requirements.
6.5.3. Vegetation used for Landscaping Shall be hardy to the central Alberta climate, as determined by the Development Planner.
6.5.4. Developments Shall include 1 soft element per 25.0 m2 in any required yard.
6.5.5. In landscaped areas, trees Shall be planted in clusters, double rows or triangles instead of as a single tree row, and Shall be spaced in compliance with recognized horticultural practice.
6.5.6. In the vicinity of an airport, traffic/automobile lights, traffic control devices, street lighting and Building lighting shall not interfere with the operation of any airport function.
6.5.7. In the vicinity of an airport, Landscaping is to minimize attractants to birds and wildlife that May affect safe airport operations.
Other Regulations
6.6. Garbage and waste materials shall be stored in weatherproof and animal-proof containers in service areas visually screened from all adjacent Sites and public roadways.
6.7. All Developments Shall be serviced with the most up-to-date telecommunications technologies available at time of construction.
6.8. Within the vicinity of an airport, Developments that include characteristics which increase wildlife and bird hazards to the airport are prohibited.