5.110 Safe Urban Environments

1.1. All developments must include the following design elements to promote a safe urban environment by providing natural surveillance, clear sightlines and wayfinding:
1.1.1. Outdoor spaces must be appropriately-lit, in compliance with Subsection 3 of Section 5.120.
1.1.2. Entrapment spots and blind corners must be avoided or sufficiently mitigated.
1.1.3. Pathways and building access points, where provided, must be clearly defined.
1.1.4. Developments must provide clear signage, or other wayfinding techniques, where applicable.
1.2. Despite Subsection 1.1, this Section does not apply to:
1.2.1. Single Detached Housing;
1.2.2. Semi-detached Housing;
1.2.3. Duplex Housing;
1.2.4. Backyard Housing; and
1.2.5. Row Housing,
except where in the form of Cluster Housing.


2.1. The Development Planner must require a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment as part of a Development Permit application where the proposed development includes:
2.1.1. a Parkade; or
2.1.2. a Body Rub Centre.
2.2. The Development Planner may require a CPTED assessment as part of a Development Permit application to determine if a development complies with Subsection 1.1.
2.3. A CPTED assessment must be prepared by a qualified security consultant, architect, or similar professional.
2.4. A CPTED assessment must include:
2.4.1. project overview;
2.4.2. Site and building context, including: Site and building location; and surrounding developments;
2.4.3. building design, including: building access points; and stairwells;
2.4.4. security features and Site access controls;
2.4.5. Parking Areas and Bike Parking Spaces, where applicable;
2.4.6. public spaces;
2.4.7. sightlines, blind corners, and potential entrapment spots; 
2.4.8. outdoor signage, or other wayfinding techniques;
2.4.9. outdoor lighting;
2.4.10. Pathways;
2.4.11. Landscaping;
2.4.12. any other relevant content; and
2.4.13. recommended mitigation measures, where applicable, to ensure the development meets the minimum standards in compliance with Subsection 1.1. 
2.5. The Development Planner may apply conditions to a Development Permit based on the recommendations of a CPTED assessment.