7.130 Development Permit Application Requirements

1.1. When applying for a Development Permit, the applicant must submit:
1.1.1. the appropriate Development Permit application fee;
1.1.2. the appropriate application form fully and accurately completed; and
1.1.3. the required documentation and information, as specified by: the appropriate City department; Section 7.140; and the regulations of the applicable Zone or any other Section of this Bylaw,
that is fully dimensioned, accurately figured, explicit and complete to the satisfaction of the Development Planner.
1.2. For any agreement executed under Section 7.150 of this Bylaw, a fee may be required.


2.1. For the purposes of Section 7.100 of this Bylaw:
2.1.1. an application for a Development Permit is considered to be received when the applicant: has submitted an application for development; and has paid the required application fee.
2.1.2. an application for a Development Permit is considered to be complete for review when: the application has been received in compliance with Subsection 2.1.1; the applicant has submitted all required documentation and information for the proposed development in compliance with Subsection 1.1.3; and the Development Planner is satisfied that the submitted information contains the details necessary to review the application in determining its appropriate Use in compliance with this Bylaw.
2.2. Despite Subsection 2.1.2:
2.2.1. An incomplete application may be accepted if the Development Planner is satisfied that a decision can be made without all of the documentation and information required by the appropriate City department. 
2.2.2. The applicant may be required to submit additional documentation and information that the Development Planner considers necessary to review the application.
2.3. The acceptance of any documentation and information, or approval of any Development Permit application, does not prevent the Development Planner from subsequently requiring the correction of errors. If an error results in the development being in violation of this Bylaw, the Development Planner is not prohibited from taking corrective action under Section 7.200 of this Bylaw.
2.4. Where a Development Permit application is determined to contain incorrect information, a Development Permit must not be approved until the information is corrected by the applicant.