3.170 Griesbach Special Area

2.1. The applicable location and boundaries for the Griesbach Special Area are shown in Appendix I.


4.1. The following Use definitions apply to all Griesbach Special Area Zones:
Uses Definition
Nightclubs Means development where the primary purpose of the facility is the sale of alcoholic beverages to the public, for consumption within the premises or off the Site, in a facility where entertainment facilities take up more than 10% of the Floor Area. This Use typically has a limited menu from a partially equipped kitchen/preparation area and prohibits minors from lawfully utilizing the facility. 
Spectator Entertainment Establishment Means development providing facilities within an enclosed building specifically intended for live theatrical, musical or dance performances; or the showing of motion pictures. 
Spectator Sports Establishment Means development providing facilities intended for sports and athletic events which are held primarily for public entertainment, where patrons attend on a recurring basis. 
Appendix I - Griesbach Special Area
Griesbach Special Area boundary map