3.173 GRH - Griesbach Row Housing Zone

To allow for ground oriented housing.

Residential Uses
4.1. Home Based Businesses must comply with Section 6.60.
4.2. Residential
4.2.1. Single Detached Housing and Semi-detached Housing in this Zone must comply with the regulations of the GLDF Zone.
4.2.2. Backyard Housing must comply with Section 6.10.
Community Uses
4.3. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40
4.4. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Agricultural Uses
4.5. Urban Agriculture must not be the only Use in a principal building.
Sign Uses
4.6. Sign Uses must comply with Subsections 3 and 4 of Section 6.90.


5.1. Site Coverage must comply with Table 5.1:
Table 5.1. Site Coverage
Subsection Regulation Value
5.1.1. Maximum total Site Coverage 53%
5.1.2. Maximum Site Coverage for principal buildings 35%
5.1.3. Maximum Site Coverage for Accessory buildings and Backyard Housing 18%
5.1.4. Maximum Site Coverage for a principal building with an attached Garage 53%
5.2. Despite Subsection 5.1.1, 5.1.2, and 5.1.4, an additional Site Coverage of 2% is allowed to accommodate single Storey unenclosed front porches.
5.3. Development must comply with Table 5.3: 
Table 5.3. Site and Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Site Area
5.3.1. Minimum Site Area 125 m2/principal Dwelling
5.3.2. Maximum Height 12.0 m
5.3.3. Despite Section 5.70, maximum Height for an eave line 9.0 m
Site Dimensions
5.3.4. Minimum Site Width 5.0 m
5.3.5. Minimum Site Depth 30.0 m
5.3.6. Minimum Density 35 Dwellings/ha
5.4. Development must comply with Table 5.4: 
Table 5.4. Setback Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Front Setbacks
5.4.1. Minimum Front Setback 1.0 m
5.4.2. Maximum Front Setback, except to accommodate existing housing and trees 3.5 m
Rear Setbacks
5.4.3. Minimum Rear Setback 7.5 m
Unless 1 or more of the following applies:
5.4.4. Minimum Rear Setback on a Corner Site 4.5 m
5.4.5. Minimum Rear Setback where an attached Garage is provided 5.5 m
5.4.6. Minimum Rear Setback for buildings that are less than or equal to 7.5 m in Height 1.2 m
Side Setbacks
5.4.7. Minimum Interior Side Setback 2.0 m
5.4.8. Minimum Flanking Side Setback 3.0 m
6.1. Principal Dwellings in Semi-detached Housing must be individually defined through a combination of architectural features such as: 
6.1.1. variations in the rooflines;
6.1.2. projection or recession of the Facade;
6.1.3. porches or entrance features;
6.1.4. building materials;
6.1.5. or other similar treatments.
6.2. On Corner Sites, the principal building Facades facing a Street must use consistent exterior finishing materials and architectural features and include features such as windows, doors, or porches.
6.3. Side and front Facades must include design techniques including the use of varied rooflines and variations in building Setbacks and articulation of building Facades in order to minimize the perception of massing, eliminate large uninterrupted expanses of wall and provide visual interest when the structure is viewed from an adjacent Lot or road.
6.4. Principal buildings adjacent to a Street must have an entrance feature facing the Street
6.5. Where a building Facade with a length of 12.2 m or greater is adjacent to a Street, all principal Dwellings along this Facade at ground level must have an entrance doorway that fronts onto the Street. Up to 2 Dwellings may share one of these entrance doorways. Sliding patio doors must not serve as this entrance.
6.6. Despite the other regulations in this Zone, rear detached Garages for Cluster Housing may exceed the maximum width and total number of Garages allowed.
6.7. Where detached rear Garages are developed, the maximum width of the building containing the Garage must not exceed:  
6.7.1. 25 m when 4 or fewer separate Garages are provided; or
6.7.2. 13 m when 2 or fewer separate Garages are provided.