2.220 AJ - Alternative Jurisdiction Zone

2.1. Any Use that is consistent with the Uses, activities and operations that are permitted by the appropriate federal law or provincial law.


3.1. A Development Permit is not required for Permitted Uses.
3.2. If Sites in this Zone become subject to the regulations of the Zoning Bylaw for any reason, including a change in Use, law, or ownership, the regulations from the most restrictive Abutting Zone apply. In this case, development must:
3.2.1. be considered a Discretionary Development; and
3.2.2. comply with applicable statutory plans.
3.3. Signs with Off-premises Advertising must be Discretionary Developments
3.3.1. Where an application is for a Sign with Off-premises Advertising the Development Planner must consider those Uses, activities and operations prescribed in the appropriate superior legislation and the General and Specific Sign Regulations of Section 6.90 that are applicable to the closest Zone Abutting or adjacent to the Sign location.