3.133 MMS - Marquis Main Street Zone

To allow for a pedestrian-oriented main street with Ground Floor retail and opportunities for Office and Residential Uses above. This Zone is designed to promote buildings with smaller scale retail frontages at Grade. The main street will serve as a community gathering place and local shopping focal point for the Marquis Town Centre.


Residential Uses
4.1. Home Based Businesses must comply with Section 6.60.
Commercial Uses
4.2. The maximum Floor Area is 3,000 m2 per individual establishment.
4.3. Bars, Food and Drink Services, and Major Indoor Entertainment
4.3.1. The maximum capacity is 200 occupants for each individual establishment.
4.3.2. The maximum Public Space is 240 m2 for each individual establishment.
4.4. Body Rub Centres must comply with Section 6.20.
4.5. Cannabis Retail Stores must comply with Section 6.30.
4.6. Food and Drink Services with Drive-through Services must have access from the Street with lower traffic volumes, or the Alley, to the satisfaction of the Development Planner.
4.7. Liquor Stores must comply with Section 6.70.
4.8. Standalone Parking Facilities
4.8.1. Vehicle parking that is not located on a Site that contains a principal Use shall only be permitted in an above ground Parkade or an underground Parkade.
Community Uses
4.9. The maximum Floor Area is 3,000 m2 per individual establishment.
4.10. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40.
4.11. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Agricultural Uses
4.12. Urban Agriculture
4.12.1. With the exception of outdoor display areas of products for sale, Urban Agriculture Uses must be located within or on a building.
4.12.2. The Development Planner may consider a variance to Subsection 4.12.1 based on the recommendations provided in an Environmental Site Assessment in compliance with Section 7.140.
Sign Uses
4.13. Signs must comply with Subsections 3 and 5 of Section 6.90.
4.14. Directional Signs must provide information relating to the LRT Station and Mass Transit Station, tenants, parking, loading zones and pick up areas, entrances, exits, and Public Amenity Areas.
4.15. A Comprehensive Sign Design Plan consistent with the overall intent of Subsection 3 of Section 6.90, must be prepared for the development and submitted, with the Development Permit application, to be approved by the Development Planner.
4.16. Despite Section 6.90:
4.16.1. a Projecting Sign may be used to identify businesses that are located entirely at or above the second Storey level;
4.16.2. the top of a Projecting Sign on a building two Storeys or higher must not extend more than 75 cm above the floor of the second or third Storey or higher than the bottom windowsill level of the second or third Storey; and
4.16.3. the maximum Sign Area for Portable Signs, limited to On-premises Advertising, is 2.0 m2.
4.17. Signs must be designed and located to complement the architectural theme and context of the Marquis Town Centre.
Floor Area, Public Space and Capacity Exceptions
4.18 The Development Planner may consider a variance to the maximum Floor Area, Public Space or capacity of a Use if adequate mitigation measures are used to reduce negative impacts to on-Site or Abutting Uses, including:
4.18.1 measures specified in Subsection 2 of Section 5.120
4.18.2 modification of Site plans to locate Uses or activities in a location to minimize noise, lighting, odour or other similar Nuisances; or
4.18.3 other similar measures.


5.1. Development must comply with Table 5.1:
Table 5.1. Site and Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
5.1.1. Maximum Height 24.0 m
Floor Area Ratio
5.1.2. Maximum Floor Area Ratio for non-Residential Uses 0.25
5.1.3. Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Residential Uses 3.0
Front Setback
5.1.4. Required Front Setback 0 m
Rear Setback
5.1.5. Required Rear Setback 0 m
Side Setback
5.1.6. Required side Setback 0 m
5.1.7. Maximum Density 125 Dwellings/ha
5.2. Despite Subsection 5.1.4, the Development Planner may increase the Front Setback to accommodate a particular architectural style or to provide opportunities for features such as sidewalks cafes, patios, or a gathering space.
5.3. Despite Subsection 5.1.5, the Development Planner may increase the Rear Setback to accommodate vehicle parking or waste storage.
5.4. For larger developments over 1,860 m2, building Frontages Abutting the main street must not exceed 20.0 m in width at Street level.
5.5. Development must comply with Table 5.5:
Table 5.5. Podium and Tower Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
5.5.1. All buildings greater than 16.0 m in Height must have a Tower and Podium configuration -
5.5.2. Minimum Podium Height 6.0 m
5.5.3. Maximum Podium Height 16.0 m
5.5.4. Minimum Tower Stepback from the edge of a Podium Facade, excluding the side directly Abutting an Alley 2.5 m
Diagram for Subsection 5.5.4
Diagram for
Building Design and Architectural Standards
6.1. The main entrance to Ground Floor Uses must be oriented towards the Street and provide direct sidewalk entries.
6.2. Residential Uses are not permitted at Street level, with the exception of entrances and building lobbies. Entrances must be separate from Commercial Uses.
6.3. Buildings must have consistent materials, colours, and architectural design elements to establish an architectural theme.
6.4. Exterior finishing materials must include a mix of complementary, high quality materials such as a combination of brick, stone, concrete and stucco, or a combination of concrete fibre board, wood, and complementary window and trim treatment.
6.5. Building Facades facing Streets must be articulated with Architectural Elements such as columns, ribs, pilasters or piers, changes in plane (e.g. recesses and projections), changes in building finishes, materials and textures, or features so that no one portion of the Facade is longer than 15.0 m.
6.6. A minimum of 70% of the Ground Floor Commercial Use Facades fronting onto the main street must have clear non-reflective glazing on the exterior to promote pedestrian interaction and safety. A maximum of 10% of the Ground Floor glazing may be covered by Signs. The remainder of the glazing must remain free from obstructions.
6.7. Main building entry points must be clearly identifiable through the use of recesses, outdoor patios, display windows, planters, walls, or other similar design elements.
6.8. Buildings must incorporate exterior and decorative lighting to enhance building architecture and landscaping elements.
6.9. Where feasible, developments are encouraged to provide gardens or patios on the top of the Podium level and building rooftops to improve rooftop aesthetics and provide additional amenity space.
Pedestrian Environment
6.10. Direct pedestrian connections and linkages must be provided to sidewalks, in general accordance with Appendix II.
6.11. Pedestrian Pathways to building entrances, amenities and transit must be convenient, safe and well lit, with distinct paving or Landscaping to define the connections where practical.
6.12. Pedestrian linkages connecting to adjacent Sites within the Marquis Town Centre must be provided by using clearly demarcated Pathways, lighting and signage systems, in general accordance with Appendix II
6.13. Site amenities such as public art, seating areas, street furniture, small parks, squares, or plazas must be provided in general conformance with the Potential Amenity Area locations in Appendix I.
6.14. Parks must be designed to accommodate public gatherings, pedestrian movement, and other social and recreational functions.


Parking, Loading, Storage and Access
7.1. Loading, waste collection, storage and service areas must be located towards the rear or sides of the principal buildings and screened from view from an Abutting Street or non-industrial Zone.
7.2. Where a main street is developed as a private roadway, a minimum 2.5 m sidewalk must be provided on both sides.
7.3. Parking for Residential Uses must be provided in an above ground Parkade or in an underground Parkade.
7.4. Above ground Parkades and underground Parkades must be screened from view where visible from a Street, through methods such as public art, architectural screening, or Landscaping.