2.130 IM - Medium Industrial Zone

To allow for light to medium industrial developments that may carry out a portion of their operation outdoors or require outdoor storage areas, with limited supporting commercial businesses. Any Nuisance conditions associated with such developments are minimal. This Zone is intended to be used as a transition Zone to buffer between light industrial and heavy industrial Zones and is generally located on the interior of industrial areas Abutting Collector and Local Roads and separated from non-industrial Zones

Industrial Uses
2.1. Crematorium
2.2. Indoor Self Storage
2.3. Major Industrial, limited to those existing as of January 1, 2024
2.4. Minor Industrial
2.5. Natural Resource Development
Commercial Uses
2.6. Custom Manufacturing
2.7. Indoor Sales and Service, limited to:
2.7.1. Indoor Sales and Service existing as of January 1, 2024
2.7.2. animal hospitals and shelters
2.8. Office
2.9. Outdoor Sales and Service
2.10. Vehicle Support Service
Community Uses
2.11. Special Event
Basic Service Uses
2.12. Emergency Service
2.13. Minor Utility
2.14. Recycling Drop-off Centre
2.15. Transit Facility
Agricultural Uses
2.16. Urban Agriculture
Sign Uses
2.17. Fascia Sign
2.18. Freestanding Sign
2.19. Major Digital Sign
2.20. Minor Digital Sign
2.21. Portable Sign
2.22. Projecting Sign


Industrial Uses
3.1. Crematoriums must comply with Section 6.50.
3.2. Minor Industrial
3.2.1. The maximum Floor Area for any indoor display, office, technical or administrative support areas or retail sale operations is 33% of the total Floor Area of the building(s) devoted to a Minor Industrial Use, except that: This restriction does not apply where more than 50% of the Site area is used for outdoor industrial activities.
3.2.2. The Development Planner may approve a development that is intended to provide temporary sleeping accommodation for employees as an Accessory Use to a Minor Industrial Use. Where a Minor Industrial Use provides Accessory temporary sleeping accommodations for employees, it must comply with the following: The Accessory temporary sleeping accommodation must not be larger than necessary to support industrial activities on the Site, and the design and layout of the accommodation must not be suitable for use as permanent residence. 
3.3. Natural Resource Developments must comply with Section 5.40.
Commercial Uses
3.4. Custom Manufacturing 
3.4.1. The maximum Public Space area is 150 m2 per individual establishment.
3.5. Offices
3.5.1. The maximum Floor Area for Offices is 300 m2 per individual establishment.
3.6. Vehicle Support Services must comply with Section 6.110.
Community Uses
3.7. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Agricultural Uses
3.8. Urban Agriculture
3.8.1. With the exception of outdoor display areas of products for sale, Urban Agriculture Uses must be located within or on a building.
3.8.2. The Development Planner may consider a variance to Subsection 3.8.1 based on the recommendations provided in an environmental site assessment in compliance with Section 7.140.
Sign Uses
3.9. Signs must comply with Section 6.90.


Parking, Loading, and Storage
5.1. Surface Parking Lots and loading, storage, waste collection, service and display areas must not be located within a required Setback.
5.2. Storage, waste collection and service areas must not be located between a principal building and a Street, and must be screened from view from Streets and from Abutting Sites, except where:
5.2.1. the Street is a Local Road serving a Site Zoned IH or IM; or
5.2.2. the Abutting Site is Zoned IH or IM.
5.3. The maximum Height of screening specified in Subsection 5.2 is 3.7 m, except for trees or shrubs.
5.4. Despite Subsection 4.1.1, for Sites Abutting Transportation/Utility Corridors, Calgary Trail N.W., Gateway Boulevard N.W., Sherwood Park Freeway N.W., Stony Plain Road N.W., or Yellowhead Trail N.W. the maximum Height of materials and equipment in an outdoor storage area, including shipping containers and outdoor displays, must comply with Table 5.4: 
Table 5.4 Height Regulations for Materials and Equipment in Outdoor Storage Areas
Section Regulation Value
5.4.1. Maximum Height if located greater than 6.0 m and less than or equal to 15.0 m from a Lot line Abutting a location specified in Subsection 5.4 8.0 m
5.4.2. Maximum Height if located less than or equal to 6.0 m from a Lot line Abutting a location specified in Subsection 5.4 2.0 m
Other Regulations
5.5. 1 or more of the following may be required for any development, in compliance with Section 7.140:
5.5.1. a Risk Assessment; 
5.5.2. an Environmental Impact Assessment; or
5.5.3. an Environmental Assessment Information.