6.100 Special Events


1. Special Events, including set-up and take-down, can occur for a maximum of 45 consecutive days, except for Special Events specified in Subsection 6.9 of Section 7.120.
2. Special Events for the purpose of seasonal plant sales Accessory to a non-Residential Use can occur for a maximum of 125 consecutive days. 
3. Outdoor lighting for Special Events must comply with Subsection 3 of Section 5.120
4. Outdoor waste collection areas for Special Events must be screened from view from Abutting Streets and Sites.
5. Despite Section 5.10, temporary structures built for Special Events:
5.1. must not exceed the maximum Height of the Zone;
5.2. do not count toward the calculation of Site Coverage or Floor Area Ratio requirements of the Zone; and
5.3. must comply with minimum Setbacks of the Zone where Abutting a residential Zone, except for Sites within the Downtown Special Area
6. After a Special Event, all event structures and materials must be removed from the Site and the Site must be returned to its original condition. 
7. Where provided, Signs associated with a Special Event are limited to Temporary Signs and Signs with an existing Development Permit and must:
7.1. not contain Digital Copy, except for Signs with an existing Development Permit that allow for Digital Copy; and
7.2. be located on the same Site as the Special Event for no longer than the duration of the Special Event.
8. The Development Planner may consider a variance to Subsections 1 and 2, if the Development Planner is satisfied that the Special Event is compatible with the surrounding area and any other Uses located on or Abutting the Site. The Development Planner must consider:
8.1. where the Special Event is located on the Site;
8.2. the location, size and Height of temporary structures and Signs;
8.3. whether the location and occurrence of a Nuisance will negatively affect nearby Residential Uses;
8.4. screening and buffering; and
8.5. hours of operation.